Walking Blues Key of D

Here’s a text-version description of what’s happening:

This is a great “walking blues” ditty done in open d tuning. We’re going to use a slide and its going to be 12 bar in the key of D. DADF#AD.

It starts of with a basic baseline. He’s playing slide here but you can play it without. Start by playing open 6th string fourth fret. By the way, he’s playing second string open always. You can play any strings open but in this case, we’ll stick to the second fret.

So then we go open 6th string, open 2nd string, 4th fret sixth string, open second string, open fifth string, open second string and then the 2nd fret on the fifth string and finally open second string.

If we do that three times then have a walk up:

Open 6th string, open second string, second fret on 6th string, open second string, third fret sixth string, open second, fourth fret sixth string, open second.

Then comes the slide. You can do overhand or underhand. Here comes the IV chord which will be G. Play strings 2, 3, 4 together and slide on those strings from the third fret to the fifth fret. Then you can play the first string right after for effect.

Then do the walking bass twice using the slide.

Then play the V chord (an A). Play open and then 5th fret on strings 2, 3, 4 and then slide to the sixth fret followed by the seventh fret.

That’s open, fifth, sixth, seventh.

Go down a string set and do a walk down on string sets 1, 2, 3. That’s frets 7, 6, and 5. You’re just walking it back down.

Then comes the turnaround.

You can start at the fifth fret and go down or you can start at the twelfth fret and go down.

The first would go: 5th fret, 3rd fret, 2nd fret, 1st fret, open

The alternate is: 12th fret, 10th, 9th, 8th, with a 5,6,7 turnaround.

(Video Credit: Youtuber Shawn Julie)

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