Below, Marc will show you how to tune your guitar to Open D.


“Most of you will already have your guitar set at standard tuning so before we go any further we obviously have to switch to open d. I’m going to walk you through that right now. For clarity, I’m using a tuner just to get every note exactly right, but there are also plenty of ways if you don’t have a tuner that you can just reference your other strings to get where you’re going. For clarity and precision I’m going to use a tuner.

A good way to remember the open d tuning sequence is to remember the word ‘DADFAD’, but the F is sort of a ‘cheat’ as it is actually an F#. It is a quick way to remember. First I’m going to switch the E to a D. The A can stay put. The D can stay put as well, just make sure it is accurate. Then the G needs to go down a half step to an F#. Now our B needs to go down a whole step to A. Lastly, our high E sting needs to become a D.”


As an added guide (for those who still like to read these days):

  • Use the fourth string as a reference for tuning your sixth (fattest) string. In standard tuning the 4th string should already be tuned to D, so pluck both the fourth and sixth strings simultaneously – slowly tuning down your sixth string until it matches the fourth.
  • Now that you have tuned the sixth string to D (and your 4th string is already at D), use this to tune your first (thinnest) string to D also. Once you have gotten past step one this should be a breeze!
  • Lower the second string (second thinnest, a B in standard tuning) to an A using the fifth string (second thickest) as a guide.
  • Lower the third string to F#. It is easiest to use the fourth fret on any of your D strings to do this.
  • Now you should be all set!

If you followed along with the video above and have gotten in tune, feel free to try out a couple of basic chords.


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