Cool Licks: Slide Guitar Open D Tuning

This lesson breaks down a sweet slide guitar open d solo into 12 simple parts. What I like about this video is that after you’ve mastered each segment and are able to play the entire solo, you can play along with the video. That backing track is quite a nice addition that not all instructional videos have.

While it is a simple video, the instructor makes it clear that guitarvideogroupingthis is NOT a beginners video. You won’t be shown how to tune your guitar, any basic chords, or the fundamentals of slide guitar in this lesson. If you don’t have much experience with open d tuning or with slide guitar, it is recommended that you take one of the two courses below:

The Free Mini-Course consists of three free video lessons (and other freebies) delivered straight to your email inbox over the course of 4 days. You’ll learn about fingerpicking, chord origins, and basic rhythm slide guitar. Check it out here. (Note: if you are already on our mailing list you have already received this free series prior to it being renamed).

The Open D Tuning Master Course is taught by two excellent instructors. Marc, a Grammy short-listed producer, and Juney, an excellent teacher with a music degree. The course consists of easy to understand bite-sized videos (all under 20 mins) all for a fraction of the price of a guitar instructor. Learn more here or click the button bellow:


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