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Learn Open Tuning Chords in a Matter of Minutes!

“If you want to learn open tuning chords and scales this is the book for you

Sick of scouring the web trying to find open tuning chord charts that are accurate? Personally, when I was teaching myself how to play in open d tuning I would get frustrated finding chord diagrams that were either: 1) contradicting other sources, or 2) only showing obscure chords I had no interest in learning.

Luckily, this new book solves those problems.

Now you can finally have an easy-to-use, quick-access reference guide for all your open tuning needs. The Essential Book of Open Tuning Chords and Scales comes delivered as a PDF you can download to access anytime!

You will also find some of the more popular posts from covering the  differences between various open tuning styles. Now you can carry this site with you wherever you are, with just the click of your mouse. On top of that, this book contains pages of helpful content that is nowhere to be found on the site itself. Check it out…

Includes all of the following:



Open D Tuning

Open E Tuning

Open G Tuning

Open A Tuning

Open C Tuning


Open D Tuning

Open E Tuning

Open G Tuning

Open A Tuning

What others are saying:

Franc CinelliI really liked the ebook…

“there was a huge amount of information there… it was nice to have one succinct resource and reference for open tunings, there’s a minefield of info on the web about guitar and not all of it helpful so its just nice to have something to go back to as I’m learning and writing in open tuning.”

Singer/SongwriterFranc Cinelli

Stop sifting through unreliable outdated websites to find good chord charts

Finally have chords and scales for multiple tunings all in one place

Learn the scales everybody needs to know for open tunings


As a thank you for purchasing through we’ll also include the following bonus pages:

Open C Tuning Chords

DADGAD Tuning Chords





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