Open D Chords and Scales

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Open D Tuning Chords and Scales
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Open D Chord Charts

Below you will find an array of Open D chord charts. Most of these have been used in other articles and posts around the site, but we figured it would be best to arrange them all in one spot.

Easy Open D Chords

This chart was posted in “Five Simple Open D Chords“. It consists of five basic open d chords that can all be played within the first three frets of your neck. It lists G, A, C, E, and Dm as well as having a key that is easy to understand.

Open E Chord Chart:


Open D Neck Diagram:

Open D Neck Diagram

Above is a diagram of the neck when tuned to open d. This is a beneficial diagram when learning barre chords and how to play slide. It can be viewed at Understanding the Neck for Beginners. Having a solid understanding of your guitar’s neck is vital if you want to see improvement in your playing.

Below are examples of a Blues scale pattern in the key of D.

Many beginners struggle with the concept of what notes to play and what notes to NOT play. This is one area where scales come in handy. The following examples of the blues scale in D will be helpful for you now because most of what you are playing is already in the key of D. Obviously, this is not the only scale you will want to learn, but it will definitely get you on the right track.

open d blues scaleOpenDGuitarBluesScaleD2










open d scale


Simple DADGAD Chords:


A helpful resource for more guitar chords and scales can be found here.

Be sure to check our beginner lesson posts that include these diagrams and other helpful resources.

 Hopefully you find the above information useful. If so, bookmark it or share it with your guitar playing friends!

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Open D Tuning

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