Guest Posting

Open D Tuning’s Guest Posting Guidelines:

We at Open D Tuning welcome any submission for a guest post, lesson, video, etc. We can’t promise that your submission will be accepted or posted on our site, but you are welcome to submit nonetheless. We have some general guidelines for submission that will make it more likely that we find your submission worthy of posting. Pay close attention:

  • This site is about open d tuning. If it isn’t already obvious, you should make your post about that. This doesn’t mean that we won’t accept posts that slightly deviate from the topic, but stay within the realm of guitar in general please. Topics that are more general than just a specific tuning are welcome such as slide guitar, other open/alternate tunings, blues, fingerpicking, good playing tips, etc. are all welcome.
  • Try to make your piece engaging. Don’t give us something too short (aim for 300+ words). Add photos, diagrams, or video if you can. Think about what type of content you like to see and realize that others probably want to see that also (hint: we all like quality and entertainment).
  • If your article gets posted here you will receive credit but you no longer own it. This means you can’t go around posting the same article on other sites. The Internet doesn’t need more spammy fluff posts. If you have a video, put it up on youtube and we will simply embed the link here – it will still be yours that way.
  • We won’t post your sales pitch. Don’t try to sell anything or put affiliate links in your post. We will allow a link or two and a “written by” section if needed. This can be very handy to others out there blogging in a related field, or who have a band that might get a few more views from it… but again, don’t make a sales pitch. A well written article on “Tips you’ve learned from Playing Live Gigs” is better promotion for your band than “Check out this new album”.

This should all be pretty straight forward. Just make something good and submit it. Also, if you have a quality (and relevant) video up on youtube and would like it shared here, send us an email and link the video to us. We might just want to share it with everyone!

Sent submissions to:

info (at) opendtuning (dot) com

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