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We know that you want to get the best possible sound, playability and overall experience when it comes to your music. There are so many options out there for guitar accessories that it can be hard to know where to start. Occasionally we try to provide simple lists and charts comparing and contrasting your options for various guitar parts and accessories. Check it out:

Lesson Books

  • The most relevant resources for open d guitar tuning and other alternate tunings. Although this is primarily an open d site, many of these books encompass many other open tunings as well as general country, blues, folk, and ragtime lessons. There are also resources specifically for Celtic tuning …read more


  • Strings are the “life blood” of your guitar. Just like you can have a body and head but would be useless without that life giving, oxygen carrying substance of blood; your guitar can have a great body, neck and headstock but is useless without strings. Besides the obvious fact that you can’t actually play your guitar without them, having the correct strings is very important when it comes to …read more


  • Guitar slides come in different varieties based on what they are made out of. The material of the slide affects what type of sound is produced as well as durability and comfort for the user. Many players can get caught up in debates about preferences over tonal differences as well as comfort. Generally, us guitarists care more about …read more