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This website is inspired by squealing slide guitar licks being played through the rough growling crunch of overdriven tube amplifiers. It is inspired by the emotion and passion pouring out of delta blues legends carrying acoustic guitars across their knees and clapping behind the beat. It is inspired by the renewed creative spark that one gets when they pick up the guitar and decide to try something different than the same ol’ songs in the same ol’ tunings they always play.

This site is inspired by and dedicated to Open D Tuning.

The writers here can’t guarantee that they know everything there is to know on this subject. Nobody writing these posts has a history degree, a music degree, or platinum record on the wall. There is however a desire to bring more open d tuning resources to the general (guitar playing) public.

Whether it is to help inform, teach, or connect – if it has to do with open tunings, blues, slide, fingerstyle, we want to be a part of it. Take a look around this site and see if it suits you. Regular updates will be attempted and will include chord diagrams, scales, videos, tuning information, articles, tips, reviews of guitar and guitar accessories, and more.

Before you leave this page,

What brought you here? Are you a big fan of Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan, The Allman Brothers, or Elmore James? Do you get as excited about the bright orchestral sound of open tunings as Keith Richards does? Are you a rocker influenced by the southern inspired blues rock of the 70’s or its indie revival in the early 2000’s? Are you a folk guitar aficionado?

Whatever the reason for coming, we invite you to take this moment to think about where you might want to go from here. If you are new to open d tuning, or open tunings in general, you have just hit the tip of the iceberg. Come on in, grab your guitar, and get inspired!


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