Open D Tuner: Learn to Tune by Ear

Below is a short instructional video including two different ways to get from standard to Open D Tuning. We feature this video on our homepage but figured having a separate page might help some of our readers find it easier.

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As an added guide (for those who still like to read these days):

  • Use the fourth string as a reference for tuning your sixth (fattest) string. In standard tuning the 4th string should already be tuned to D, so pluck both the fourth and sixth strings simultaneously – slowly tuning down your sixth string until it matches the fourth.
  • Now that you have tuned the sixth string to D (and your 4th string is already at D), use this to tune your first (thinnest) string to D also. Once you have gotten past step one this should be a breeze!
  • Lower the second string (second thinnest, a B in standard tuning) to an A using the fifth string (second thickest) as a guide.
  • Lower the third string to F#. It is easiest to use the fourth fret on any of your D strings to do this.
  • Now you should be all set!

If you followed along with the video above and have gotten in tune, feel free to try out a couple of basic chords.

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