Open D Minor Tuning

If you’ve found that you want an easier way to play minor chords in open d tuning, there is one quick change you can make that would help. By changing from open d to open d minor (also written as Open Dm Tuning) you are opened to some different options when it comes to minor chords and “moody” tones.

To get an open d minor tuning simply tune to open d major (as seen on the video on our home page), then change the F# to a regular old F. It really is that simple.

Of course, this one small string change obviously means that you will need to be aware of how to alter your chord shapes and scale patterns. However, since it is only a half-step on one string it is not that difficult to figure out quickly.

To close this brief post out it only seems appropriate to remind you of that classic line from the movie Spinal Tap:  “D… minor, the saddest of all keys.

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