Open D Guitar Course

The Open D Tuning Master Course is a video course specifically designed for our audience of guitar enthusiasts by the first and only site dedicated to the study and mastery of Open D Tuning. Here’s how it all came together:

First, I surveyed over one-thousand guitar players just like you to better understand the key pieces you want to learn MOST.

Second, I recruited two excellent teachers: a Grammy shortlisted producer to help you hit the ground running from your very first lessons, as well as a Professional Educator with a degree in music who will take you in depth on the theory and details.

Your knowledge and mastery of open guitar tunings will reach new heights.

If you’re ready to become a better guitarist and musician right now, simply purchase this course and you can access it forever. There is NO subscription and it doesn’t have a time-frame. Learn on your time whenever you want and come back to the videos whenever you need to.

We heard a lot of feedback on what guitarists actually wanted to learn about open d tuning and we created our course around those very topics. With these open d lessons you will learn:

  • How to play Open D Slide Guitar
  • How to fingerpick
  • Open D Chord lessons
  • How to Transpose into Open D Tuning
  • Understanding Open D Scales
  • Guided Open D song lessons
  • & Much more!

I also know from speaking with many of you that your time is important. Between work and family, many of you have no more than a few minutes at a time to spend how you wish. Each lesson is “bite-sized” for those with a busy lifestyle (which is pretty much all of us!). All videos are under 20 minutes and the average length is 14 minutes. These are easily digestible concepts so you don’t get overwhelmed.

By now, I know what you’re thinking:

Why not learn from a local guitar teacher?

First Reason: There are a variety of reasons for choosing to take video-based guitar lessons over personal lessons. First, finding a quality instructor who knows how to convey information properly can be quite a challenge. Finding an instructor like this who is affordable and has availability is even more difficult.

Additionally, very few instructors have much experience with open d tuning. It took some digging before I found two quality instructors from different parts of the country that I felt comfortable working with for this course. You’ll be learning from two pre-vetted professionals.

Second Reason: Consider what your time is worth. As Benjamin Franklin famously said, “time is money”. Do you have time to load up your guitar, drive across town, sit in traffic and burn fuel all for a 30 minute guitar lesson from some stranger you met on Craigslist? Some of you might, but I know from the feedback I’ve gotten from my readers that not all of you do have that luxury.

For some of you this process might even include inclement weather. Personally, after growing up in Montana, I’ve learned that when there’s a blizzard outside NOTHING can get me to leave my house.

You can avoid all of this inconvenience by taking these concise video lessons from the comfort of your own home.

Third Reason: Personal guitar lessons have fixed times, meaning if you want to review something it is going to cost you more time and money. You can’t pause, rewind, or replay what your instructor just said or did without it taking up extra time that you’ve already paid for. If you are stuck on one concept or lesson, it is bound to cost you more time and money to get through that sticking point.

However, you can access the Open D Tuning Master Course anytime you want.  You can replay lessons or parts of lessons. You can come back to lessons to sharpen your memory and skills months after you first watched it. You’re under no time restraint or deadline to finish the course at any specific time, it is yours to access for life.

Fourth Reason: Affordability. The average price of a guitar lesson in the United States is $40 per lesson. By the time you are on your tenth lesson you’ve just spent $400!! That doesn’t include how much you’d spend filling your tank up after driving to lessons.

Instead, you can access all ten videos in the Open D Tuning Master Course whenever you want for less than the average cost of ONE lesson. Imagine if you could find a professional guitar instructor who would teach you for under four dollars a lesson. That’s what I’m offering. You would never find a deal like that anywhere else.

About the Open D Lessons:

The course begins with three lessons taught by Marc, a Grammy short-listed musician designed to get you up to speed quickly. In these first few lessons you will already be learning how to play songs by Bob Dylan. The rest of the course takes you more in depth. You will learn more about music theory, chord structure, and transposing. All lessons apply to both acoustic and electric guitar. Here’s a lowdown on the course structure:

  • Open D Tuning 101 (“Learn Bob Dylan in One Lesson”)
  • Notes, Neck, Picking and Strumming (+ more Dylan)
  • Understanding music basics + Scales
  • Chords in Open D part 1
  • Chords in Open D part 2
  • Transposing part 1
  • Transposing part 2
  • Putting it all Together: Scales continued
  • Slide Lesson 1: Rhythm
  • Slide Lesson 2: Going Beyond


In addition to all of the above, you’ll also receive The Essential Book of Open Tuning Chords and Scales. Hundreds of people have purchased this stand alone ebook  as a useful resource for chords and scales in open tunings. This $7.99 value book is yours free when you purchase the Open D Tuning Master Course. It covers multiple tuning variations such as open g tuning and open e tuning. Folks are loving it, but don’t just take my word for it:

Franc Cinelli“I really liked the ebook… there was a huge amount of information there… it was nice to have one succinct resource and reference for open tunings, there’s a minefield of info on the web about guitar and not all of it helpful so its just nice to have something to go back to as I’m learning and writing in open tuning.” – Franc Cinelli, Singer/Songwriter

“I really liked the ebook… there was a huge amount of information there… it was nice to have one succinct resource and reference for open tunings, there’s a minefield of info on the web about guitar and not all of it helpful so its just nice to have something to go back to as I’m learning and writing in open tuning.” – Franc Cinelli, Singer/Songwriter

The Guarantee:

If you don’t see results, or change your mind in general, you get your money back. I’m taking ALL the risk with this 30-day 100% money back guarantee. There’s absolutely nothing to lose. If you want to learn how to play open d guitar, you simply have to get this course, and it’s easy to order!

By the end of LESSON ONE you will have already learned a song. You won’t find Open D lessons like this anywhere else –what are you waiting for?


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