Open D Guitar Tuning Resources and Books

Below is a list of some of the most relevant resources for open d guitar tuning and other alternate tunings. Although this is primarily an open d site, many of these books encompass many other open tunings as well as general country, blues, folk, and ragtime lessons. There are also resources specifically for Celtic tuning here. We have organized this list by considering both relevance and popularity. Simply click on the picture or the rating for a link to more information on Amazon:

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These resources are helpful for learning chords, scales and songs. Many of the resources mentioned above contain information on multiple types of tunings beyond just open d. This is helpful for broadening your knowledge of your instrument, making you a better educated and more well-rounded musician.

Some, particularly the DVDs, will walk you through songs visually and are a great guide for actually putting the information you have learned here thus far into practice. If you are considering any of the above also consider this: how can learning over 7,000 new chords be a bad thing?

>> The Big List of Open D Songs Here. 

>> Chord Charts and Diagrams Here.

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