How to Play Norwegian Wood in Open D

This video shows you how to play Norwegian Wood in open d tuning.

Below is a quick text recap of what is happening in the video:

The song is recorded in E but can be played with a capo on the second fret and played with a d chord. You can play this song in D if you prefer to sing in that specific key or for any other reason you wish.

After the beginning part you will play a D minor then a G. Repeat this again and then go to an A before returning to the beginning part.

So since this can be played so easily in the key of D, it is even easier to play in open d tuning. Change your E strings to D. Then change your G string to an F#. Lastly, turn your B string to an A.

Open D is a cool tuning but it often sounds too bright and happy for some songs. The only tricky part of Norwegian Wood is the D minor. Your F# string is just a little funky. You can’t flat your major 3rd.

On to the song:

First play your open D chord. Then second fret of second string, first fret of third string, second fret of the fourth string, third and second fret of fifth string. That’s the main riff.

Now the D minor. Play the third fret on the F# string to flatten your major 3rd. Then your G is playing the second fret of the fifth string, first fret of the third string, second fret of the second string.

These chords are shown in the following diagram:Open D Chords: G, Dm

Then for the A you can move that same G shape up two frets and bar with your ring finger or you can slide up and do a barre chord with your finger.

If you enjoyed playing Norwegian Wood in open d, there are many other songs that can easily be played in open d tuning. Check out our Big List of Open D Tuning Songs to get an idea.

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