Minor Chords in Open D Tuning

Below is a summary of the video:

The thing about open tuning is that it leaves a lot of room for inspiration and you can play a lot of neat stuff. Open D Major tuning gives you a lot of opportunities for experimentation and there are a lot of neat things you can do.

Sometimes when you get way up high and play a minor chord it starts to sound a bit like a mandolin so you can play the same chord lower on the neck with fewer fingers. There are other chords you can do this with as well. There are other ways of “voicing” the chords so they don’t all have the same sound. There is a Dm7 chord that goes nicely with the shown minor chord on the 6th fret — while strumming all strings you can get a major sound.

For more open d videos check out the free mini-course or the Open D Tuning Master Course.


open d tuning