Learn the song Vestapol

History of Vestapol tuning

vestapol tuningMany of the greatest and most renowned country blues guitarists, such as Son House, Missisipi John Hurt, Skip James, and others generally only used three different open tunings: Open D, Open G (Spanish) and occasionally “cross-note”.

Getting your guitar into open tuning isn’t always fun at first, but once you learn how, playing in open tuning is very fun.

Open D Tuning:

Also known as vestapol. This came out of the United States’ “parlor guitar” fad from the 1850’s. This was mostly women in Boston playing in unique guitar tunings that happened to get carried over into other genres of music such as country and the blues.

The video above will walk you through how to tune your guitar to open d and how to play the classic song “Vestapol”.

Those new to open tunings might find the content from our free mini-course and Open D Tuning Master Course to be quite helpful.

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