How to Play Slide in Open D Tuning

This lesson of  is a segment of the Open D Tuning Master Course.

The Open D Tuning Master Course is a video course specifically designed for our audience of guitar enthusiasts by the first and only site dedicated to the study and mastery of Open D Tuning.

First, we polled our audience to better understand the key pieces you want to learn MOST.

Second, we recruited a Grammy shortlisted producer to help you hit the ground running from your very first lessons, as well as a Professional Educator with a degree in music who will take you in depth on the theory and details.

You’re knowledge and mastery of open guitar tunings will reach new heights.

The course includes:

  • “Bite-Sized” video lessons between 10-20 minutes long for those with busy schedules
  • Explanations of the open d neck and scale patterns
  • Chord Lessons and theory
  • How to play slide in open d tuning: rhythm and lead
  • How to Transpose music into open d
  • & much more!