“Open D is a really cool, fun sound. I think one of the characteristics about it that makes it fundamentally different from standard is you can make almost any chord type just ring out really nicely. It almost gives it a Celtic and Scottish sound to it. One thing to keep in mind when changing to a different tuning is that its a little bit like speaking a new language. You have to realize that a lot of the chord shapes you know, a lot of the patterns you might of learned for scales aren’t going to sound exactly like they did in standard. That’s ok, part of the fun of changing to another tuning is you get to discover all these new shapes and the shapes you already know will give you a much different sound than you are used to.

One of the places I like to start when I go to a tuning that I’m not familiar with is I purposely start with chord shapes that I am used to.  For example, if we were going with barre chords, I could use a G major chord from standard but I can use this as a starting point to discover that the whole layout is going to be very different.”