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The song at the beginning is Nirvana’s “All Apologies”. Even though that song isn’t in open d, it goes to show another fun aspect of Open D Tuning: drone strings. It is a really fun part of this tuning and we often choose open d for this big and open sound that comes from drone strings. Often when you are playing solo acoustic you can get that big heavy bass sound. Its the same effect as a bass player vamping in the background. This is why many guitarists playing in open d sound much “bigger” than standard tuning. The open drone strings provide a much fuller sound.

Now lets talk about fingerpicking basics. If you are new to fingerpicking, the biggest challenge will be how to use your right hand. You may even end up with some new callouses. You can visualize this like a drumset. The bottom (lowest tone) strings are similar to the bass/kick drum. We can just hit those strings with our thumb in a similar manner to a foot hitting a kick drum.

Then the “highest” three strings can be played with your middle, ring, and pinky fingers.

This knowledge will be useful for the Open D Tuning Master Course¬†video demonstrating how to play “Corina, Corina” by Bob Dylan.

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