DADF#AD Free Streaming EP

TuneMan: I recently stumbled upon an EP recorded entirely in DADF#AD. I was intrigued, so I thought I’d reach out to the artist and ask some questions. Andrew Candela was kind enough to fill me in on his recent project. Take it away Andrew:

Andrew: The project I play in is called Candela Farm, and it is something in between a solo project and a band. I’ve been a songwriter for Plus Perfect and Paper Lanterns (linked on my bandcamp page) and consider myself a songwriter steeped in the traditions of punk and rock, which ultimately share a lot with folk music.The way I came about using DADF#AD was through the search for what I call ‘drone tone.’ Keith Richards calls this orchestral sound, but when I listen to old blues and folk recordings and players, what I hear is the constant blanket of drone (the d and a notes). The band that blended this drone with a punk/folk ethos was, unequivocally, Neutral Milk Hotel.

open-d-tuning-songsOnce I discovered DADF#AD, more as an accident than anything, I quickly wrote the 5 song ep, and threw it around with too many musicians to remember. Finally, the right styles came together for the EP, and what you get is something both tight (thanks to the sax and drums) and loose, thanks to the guitars. The incredible bass playing brings everything together to create the songs you’re hearing.

DADF#AD tuning is a great way to explore new chord voicings, and lends itself to a more open, almost psychedelic intuition for soloing. Did Zepplin use this tuning? They must have. I know I stumble onto parts of their songs just yanking around in this tuning.

Anyway, hope you enjoy the songs. They are available on cassette as well as through download. The art is tribute to Bruce Springsteens Nebraska, a master songwriter who mixes styles and genres.