Corina Corina”┬áby Bob Dylan.

Now I’m going to show you another Bob Dylan song like in the last video (Bob really loved open d tuning). In this song “Corina, Corina”, off Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan he does some really nice fingerpicking.

So this is actually a really good beginner fingerpicking song because in terms of consistency it is almost as if he is strumming. In terms of fingerpicking there aren’t any real complex string patterns going on. And I’m pretty much just splitting the rhythm between my thumb and my other three fingers (not including the pinky).

Then for the left hand, he’s pretty much just hitting the open strings and then jumping up to what looks like a standard tuning E7 – middle finger on second fret of second string and pointer finger on first fret of the fourth string. He’s still letting a lot of stuff ring out.

Then for the IV chord he goes to the fifth fret. I use my thumb, middle and ring fingers on this. Then he slides up two frets to the seventh fret before coming back down and hitting the verse again.


open d tuning