Simple Chords for Open E Tuning


Below are 3 chords for open e tuning that are very easy to learn and play. Notice that they are exactly the same as the chords in open d tuning except these are one step higher. This means the same chord shape that was an “A” in open d is now a “B” in open e.

Since the note intervals for open e are the same as open d I decided to leave out E Major because all you have to do is strum all the strings without touching them – just like playing D Major in open d tuning. Since E Major is so simple I decided to add the corresponding chords to provide you with a simple I, IV, V progression. The IV chord in relation to E Major is A Major and the V chord is B Major.

For good measure I threw in D Major since it is used in so many common progressions as well.

open e chords

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